Winners of the 2013 'Golden Reel Awards'

Winners of the 2013 'Golden Reel Awards' for the 12th Annual Tiburon International Film Festival announced:

Guide To Bay Area’s Film Festivals

CBS: With 61 films showing this year, the Tiburon International Film Festival isn’t the biggest of the local festivals, but it’s certainly worth a visit. Held in charming downtown Tiburon, located right on the Bay in Southern Marin, the festival is a nine-day annual event, showcasing the best in global cinema. This year the festival, for the first time, will also present Films on Youth, a collection of films made by or about the youth with their coming of age, social class, growing up, sexuality….and challenges that they face in today’s global society around the world.               

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About Tiburon International Film Festival

Open Film:

Here without Me

Press TV: Iran’s ‘Here without Me’ warmly received in Tiburon intl. film fest:

Tiburon International Film Festival

Into the Forbidden Zone @ Tiburon Film Society

Into the Forbidden Zone @ Tiburon Film Society

Tiburon Film Festival Screenwriting Panel

WriteWhatYouDontKnow: Just a final reminder, folks, Joe McBride, Sam Hamm and I will be speaking at the Tiburon Film Festival tomorrow on a panel titled: “Screenwriting at a Crossroads”. We’ll be talking about the state of the spec market, opportunities for aspiring screenwriters and whatever subjects you want to bring up in the Q&A. OK, we know this is going to be lots of questions for Sam about Batman

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Tiburon is already a great town to visit for an afternoon or evening but add a film festival and what better Bay Area weekend destination is there?

Iranian Film 'Here Without Me' @ TIFF

Payvand News: Iranian Film 'Here Without Me' at Tiburon International Film Festival:

Awesome Film Festival Poster

Tiburon International Film Festival poster was selected as one of 'Awesome Film Festival Posters for 2012':

Australia's Maltese Falcon

California Institute of Integral Studies: Tiburon Film Society will present "Joe Camilleri: Australia's Maltese Falcon"

Tiburon International, turns a tourist town around.

San Francisco 360: Founded by Tiburon resident Saeed Shafa in 2001, the Tiburon Film Society held its first festival in 2002. Shafa, originally from Iran, has programmed an international assortment that includes from Croatia and Cuba, Qatar and Nepal. Shafa makes all the selections for the TIFF and believes that the diverse and international population of the Bay Area should be reflected in this festival.

“Little Rose” Wins Big at Tiburon International Film Festival

Jan Kidawa-Blonski’s “Little Rose” was the big winner at this year’s Tiburon International Film Festival, snagging Best Film at the event which wrapped on April 15 in Tiburon, California. Below find the full list of winners:

European films win at 2011 Tiburon International Film Festival

The winners of the 2011 Tiburon International Film Festival Golden Reel Awards were announced during a formal ceremony on Friday, April 15, 2011 in Tiburon. Tiburon International Film Festival is held every year in city of Tiburon in North California.